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4 Creative Ways to Remodel Your Porch

4 Creative Ways to Remodel Your Porch

As one of the most popular locations on the home's property for entertaining, relaxing and dining, the humble porch offers a great deal of versatility in design and use. Porches come in many shapes, sizes and locations—the front, back, side or fully wrapped around the house. If you’ve found your porch lacks the style or functionality you crave, there are numerous ways to improve upon both qualities.

Simply updating the look of a deck may require little effort or cost, depending on the magnitude of the renovation, but for larger scale remodels it’s best to ask for help from professional home improvement contractors, people familiar with the unique requirements of your surroundings. But before you call in the assistance of your local builder, or order a pallet of bricks or lumber, check out these four creative ideas for porch remodels that will show just how exciting the livable outdoors can be.home improvement front porch

1. The Dazzling Sunroom

The sunroom, solarium or sun parlor is a bright space perfect for entertaining or relaxing in spring, summer or fall. It’s a screened-in area located either at the front or the back of the house, and it is so-named for the great amount of light that pours in through the oversized windows. You can create a custom sunroom that is both enjoyable and impressive by going big. A large sunroom with fair colored woods—such as cedar or a synthetic material in a lighter shade—simple white interiors and a few floral or exotic printed textiles is chic and timeless, and it also adds to the grandeur of the house. Exterior remodeling should take advantage of the state’s diverse climate. Adding a fireplace to the design makes it practical for all four seasons.

2. The Entertainment Center

Sunrooms are charming and casual, more rustic than elegant and perfect for dining or reading a book. An entertainment center is where the high-energy fun happens. A modern porch with all the extras is essentially a man cave. Add a big screen TV with DVD player and game consoles to ensure the room gets plenty of use by everyone in the family. Comfortable furniture made from leather and wood is suitable for hosting your in-laws on Thanksgiving or your buddies on game day. All these electronics and high quality trappings require a fully enclosed porch, which means a greater expense on your part. Talk to the home improvement contractors for a price quote, and consider adding a skylight for a more open feel.

3. The Outdoor Kitchen

Cooking and dining outdoors doesn’t have to end with mid-summer barbecues. A partially enclosed porch with collapsible screens allows you to grill to your heart’s content in temperate climes and immoderate ones, simply shut up the doors. Any exterior remodeling should account for variations in temperature. Installing a small vintage stove, farmer’s sink and counter workspace not only increases the style of the porch, it also means enjoying meals in nature’s embrace any day of the year. Opting for the warmth of brick over wood provides a sturdier, four-season appeal, but don’t feel like you have to choose red. Bricks come in an array of colors, and painting brick can also lend a completely different feel to the material. You can adapt the brick to suit the style of your house, or use another stone entirely.

4. The Mini Porch

Located on the front, side or back of the house, a miniature-sized porch is a fantastic option for exterior remodeling, since not all folks have a lot of extra space or a large budget for extravagant renovations. Small doesn’t mean meager, however. Skip the brick or screened in walls that may emphasize the modest square footage. Instead, employ a rustic wood roof and decorative porticos for a cozy effect. You can create a tucked away, romantic atmosphere by adding climbing vines, lush foliage and candles or soft lighting. This style of porch shows how exterior remodeling can be both inexpensive and rewarding.

A porch is an extension of your home. It should be both stylish and functional while providing a welcoming place to host friends and family throughout the year. If you’re considering renovating your porch or adding one onto your existing home, make it special by incorporating elements that reveal your personality. Many varieties of projects involving exterior remodeling make it a simple process to update, create or overhaul your home’s appearance according to your budget and needs.






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