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2014 Interior Design Predictions

2014 Interior Design Predictions

Like the world of fashion, people love interior design! The colors, the patterns, the style!  With 2014 only weeks away, you're probably wondering what next year's trends are going to be. friends start realising your home is ‘on trend’ way before a trend has even been established.

Stay ahead of the curve by introducing these trends that will be big in 2014.

Customized Design

Interior design magazines and websites keep telling us that our home should be individual to us. This is great advice, but then they go on to highlight the best mass production furniture that we should have in our home.

Increasingly, homes are resembling the pages of a catalogue rather than something we’ve put together ourselves.

The year 2014 could put an end to that once and for all, as customized design is likely to become more popular.

Don't stop at wallpaper -- printed fabrics and textiles on sofas and chairs, and furiture, including coffee tables that constructed from old wooden pallets.

Prominent Nature

As we look to the future and try to make our homes more sustainable, our interiors will take on more of a natural feel. Not only are colours going to become more nature like, but we’ll find that the things we use to decorate our home will be more eco-friendly than ever.

This might be eco-friendly paint, throws produced from organic cotton, or sustainably grown wood.

This trend will perfectly attach itself to the ongoing movement towards the use of solar panels, larger windows, and other initiatives designed to cut the carbon footprint of homes.

Space Illusions

Creating the illusion of added space in our home isn’t a new trend, but creating this look by  using white paint and small furniture will be passe. Instead, maximize the light in around your home.

Incorporate large mirrors where possible -- in the bedroom, for instance, will make the room seem bigger and save space. Also, consider swapping your heavy, dark-colored bamboo blinds for something lighter and more receptive to sunlight.

DIY & Upcycling

We’ve already touched on customized home design elements, although those were looking at how you could use a company to do the work for you. You should also consider how you can do things yourself.

This might mean upcycling something you found in your grandma's attic or at a flea market. You can also use something in your home that looks a little sorry and giving it a new lease of life.

Look at what you have around your home that you aren’t using; what can you do with it to incorporate it into your home design?

Make 2014 your home's best year yet! For more tips and trends, be sure to check back on our blog at www.thepreferredrealty.com.



Gemma is currently training to be an interior designer and is hoping to start her own business when she qualifies. In addition to the design elements, Gemma also enjoys being involved with the practical side of decorating to ensure she gets exactly what she wants.