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12 Days? 12 Unique Ways to Bring the Holidays to Your Home!

12 Days? 12 Unique Ways to Bring the Holidays to Your Home!

If less-than-merry crowds and not-so-spectacular deals have spoiled your holiday mood so far, adding some festive décor to your home is a great way to help make your spirits bright this holiday season.

So, instead of the 12 days of Christmas, we’ve compiled 12 unique ways to bring some holiday flair to your home:

Unique Christmas Tree1. If you love a Christmas tree, but aren’t partial to bringing those real pine needles into your home and don’t feel an artificial spruce does the holiday justice, consider adding a tree that fits your home and your style. Beach-themed, rustic or even peacock-feathered trees are all non-traditional options that will have you singing “fa-la-la-la-la” in no time!


2. On the other hand, if you can’t get enough of your Christmas tree, why not consider a trio of trees or, dare we say, even more? An instantaneous way to add holiday cheer to your home is to put up a tree in every room. Remember, you don’t have to stick to the basics, so your Charlie Brown Christmas tree and your new-age tree of vases can coincide in heavenly peace… and beauty!


Holiday Entertaining3. Don’t let your festive holiday style stop at the dinner table. You can “trim” your table with as much ribbon as your most beautifully-wrapped gifts! It’s the holiday season, so allow your table to shine for more than just one meal.


4. Maybe red and green aren’t your favorite colors; so, why not try to infuse some of your all-time favorites into your holiday décor this year? We’re not saying you have to throw away traditional colors, but adding something like parchment is a great way to colorize and texturize your décor with some major style! 


5. In fact, “off” colors can add so much style to your home that they’re deserving of two spots on this list! It’s no secret that black and white are two colors that will add instant chic to any outfit. Imagine what they can do for your holiday décor! Just a touch of black will easily add some contemporary style to your classic holiday decorations.  


Christmas Home Decor6. Some of the most treasured signs of the holiday season are the scents of the season. Regardless if you trek through the wild to bring a live Christmas tree into your home or your baking skills have something to be desired, you can substitute those favorite recognizable scents in your home with candles, sprays or even fresh sprigs of seasonal flowers and greens.


7. It could be Burl Ives, Mariah Carey or Adam Sandler that sings your favorite holiday tune; maybe it’s all three. It’s OK to admit that you actually like to turn to the all-day, every-day holiday radio station during this time of year. Bring that atmosphere to your home by creating your own favorite holiday playlist to put on repeat while you’re decking the halls!


8. It doesn’t matter if it’s Santa Claus that’s coming to town or someone else, you can instantly impress any guest or passerby with some creative holiday curb appeal. Still have that old runner sled from when you were a child? Resurrect that classic and pair it with your old ice skates, too. Add some greens and festive lighting and a few of your favorite things instantly turn into the homiest “holiday past” display in the neighborhood!


Holiday Decor9. Of course, your outdoor holiday décor does not have to stop at your doorstep. You can create a tasteful, festive holiday scene right at your mailbox. The shape alone lends itself to some creative candy cane wrapping! Draping your mailbox with festive, fresh garland will also add a grown-up flair to your candy-coated creation.


10. Live in one of those neighborhoods where every home has a wreath in every window? Be the envy of your neighbors by creating your own, “not-your-next-door” holiday wreaths. Burlap, pine cones and, even, edible nuts and candy canes are great materials to get you started.



Holiday decorating11. Further showcase your holiday spirit and your creativity by making a DIY advent calendar. Tin cans, old mittens and take-out boxes are festive, non-traditional ways to countdown to the big day. Adding candy or another treat to each day may make the anticipation even sweeter!

12. Finally, who could forget Frosty during this snowy season? Allow his corn-cob pipe and button nose to help dress up your home by creating festive snowman frames to deck your walls or even cute snowman garland for your tree or doorways. Nothing says “fun” like Frosty!





DYI DecorIf you’re looking for more ways to give your holiday décor an alternative, contemporary or DIY flair: