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10 Simple Ways to Save Money Every Day

10 Simple Ways to Save Money Every Day

As we’re well underway with the second month of the year, we’ve just got to ask… how are those financial resolutions you set for 2019 coming along? Whether you’re saving a little or still spending a lot so far this year, there is help. In fact, there are simple things you can do every day to save on some of your most common household expenses.

Here are 10 ways to save money at home every day:

1. Sell things you don’t use.
The current decluttering and tidying fad that has taken over the nation is a great first step toward saving money at home. Once you compile unused clothing, cookware, toys and other home items that you just don’t use anymore, sell them. You’ll be adding joy to your home while increasing your savings!

2. Limit lunchtime spending.
Do you find yourself going out to lunch (or even for coffee) every day? Cutting those outings is a sure way to save money in a hurry. If you cannot break the habit altogether, set a limit on the number of days you allow yourself to go out. Pocket the money you’re saving and—as it adds up—you might be a lot less likely to opt for dining out!  

3. Grow your own groceries.
This might not be possible for every item on your weekly list, but when it comes to certain fruits and vegetables, you can add savings to things you usually spend time and money shopping for. Focus on easy-to-grow produce so you’re sure to see savings sprout up in your home.

4. Embrace smart technology.
Programmable and wi-fi enabled thermostats can help regulate the temperature in your home so that you save on monthly utility bills. Smart plugs and power strips can help you ensure you’re not overusing smaller household appliances that can suck up major energy.

5. Upgrade your home lighting.
Like smart technology, energy-efficient home lighting options are a great way to make a long-term investment in savings. Convert older bulbs to LEDs to see monthly savings that last in your home.

6. Cancel your cable.
While this might have seemed like a drastic drop in the past, there are so many online options that can easily take the place of traditional cable subscription services. In fact, there is “app-solutely” no reason to waste money each month on all those channels you don’t watch. If you are not ready to quit cable cold turkey, consider lowering your plan to save a few dollars each month.

7. Shop with coupons.
If you’re anything like us, you might find yourself scrambling to find any store coupons you can as you’re standing in the checkout line. Instead of wishing and hoping for savings, make it a point to only shop when and if you have a coupon for the items you want to buy.

8. DIY when you can.
Did you know that you can save on regular household maintenance tasks and routine cleaning? All you’ve got to do is do these things for yourself. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it can be so tempting to hire a cleaner or other professional to help with tasks around your home. Reject the urge to hire out your daily maintenance and cleaning tasks. You might work a little harder, but you’ll save some money.

9. Personally pamper your pets.
You might like the convenience and your pets might like the professional spa-type treatment they receive from the groomer, but there are certain savings in caring for your four-legged family members. Limit the spa services you cater your pet to, and you’ll see financial savings at your home for sure.

10. Start making changes today.
Sometimes, the best way to save is to simply start trying. Instead of putting off any one of the tips on our list, begin trying to stow your money away. Increase your opportunities to reach financial freedom by beginning a savings plan today!