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10 Great Home Decor Apps

10 Great Home Decor Apps

The world of applications has changed the world and we’re not just talking about gaming! There are plenty of ways that mobile phone applications have impacted interior design too. From mood boards to useful, practical tools, there is no end to the number of ways that apps allow us to turn our home into our dream space. So, let’s take a look at ten of our favorites.

1. Magpie by Conran

This is a great app and it's also very easy to use. It’s a form of a scrapbook and allows you to add all the images, videos, notes and info on home decor ideas that you've fallen in love with and think will work in your home. It allows you to turn them into inspiring mood boards which can then be printed.


2. Phaidon Design Classics

This book-like app pulls together over 1,000 different influential designs from the last 200 years and showcases items from each design including Dieter Rams to Charles Eames and includes items from the most beautiful chairs to chopsticks in its programming.


3. iHandy Level

This iPhone app is extremely useful and utilizes the geometers in your phone to work as a very accurate level -- perfect for hanging artwork and picture frames.

There is also an option that includes a whole range of other tools including a plumb bob, surface level and a protractor.


4. Peppermint 2 - Colour Palette Application

Do you want to play with a whole host of colors and palettes? This app makes it easy to do so and allows you to find already created schemes or create your own, as well as save ideas and also adjust the tones and shades of themes.


5. Houzz

If you're really into interior design, we’re sure you’ve heard of the website, Houzz. We love this app and it has over 120,000 images with a wide variation of inspiration from across the world. With plentyof modern and contemporary influences, it is a great app to inspire your inner interior designer.


6. Sunseeker

If you want to know what time of the day or where the sunlight shines in relation to a particular room in your home then this is a great app for you. It uses your device’s inbuilt GPS to show you where you’re facing and the time of the day that potential rays will enter a particular room and from a particular angle too.


7. Remodelista

This is a great app if you want to keep up with posts from the world of remodelling. It includes all the latest "just seen" items from around the world, as well as some of the best articles about particular subjects. This is truly a great resource for design lovers.


8. Architonic

This app is more aimed towards designers and architects and looks at everything from sanitary wear to garden furnishings. It also showcases a wide portfolio of ideas and several free guides.


9. Homestyler

Ever wonder what your room would look like with that new furniture before you purchased it? This app allows you to take a picture of your room, then place images of real furniture products to see how they'll look. Plus, you can also decorate your room with light fixtures, mirrors, artwork and more! You can also share your designs with your friends, browse other user's designs and find a design professional.

10. ColorSmart

Wish you could paint your walls with colors from your favorite photo? This app allows you to upload images and select the colors you like, it will then give you the Behr paint number for that exact color! You can also try out colors on your rooms by taking a photo of the room and "painting" it within the app.

These are some of the fantastic apps that work wonderfully with those who have a love of interior design and ensuring their homes look their best.




Cormac Reynolds has written for a number of great sites in his time. He loves DIY and creating things.