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10 Great Gift Ideas for that New Homeowner on your Holiday Shopping List

10 Great Gift Ideas for that New Homeowner on your Holiday Shopping List

‘Tis the season for giving great gifts, right? So, let’s not forget that happy new homeowner on your holiday shopping list! If this festive season has found you on the invite list to a housewarming party or two, don’t stress about what to buy for the brand new homeowners.

We’ve compiled a list of 10 great housewarming gifts that any new (or seasoned!) homeowner would love to have:

1. Custom House Numbers: Nothing says “welcome to the neighborhood” like statement-making house numbers. Whether made with painted tile, stainless steel, hand-crafted wood or another customized material, vibrant house numbers are a great addition to any new home.


2. A Welcome Wreath: It is already the perfect time of year for a festive, holiday wreath. So, any new homeowner would love to adorn their new home with a seasonal welcome wreath – particularly one that is from a friend!


3. A Welcome Mat: Obviously, the front stoop of a new home is a great place to make a statement; so, there are an abundance of ideas for housewarming gifts that are a perfect fit out front, including a new welcome mat. Since it is the holiday season, a festive mat is perfect, but monogrammed mats are also the nice touches for new homeowners.


4. Throw Blankets: As the temperature drops outside, you can help any homeowner warm up their new home with some cozy throw blankets. Nothing says comfort like a soft, oversized throw!


5. Wall Art: New homeowners may have a hard time deciding what art or photos to put where inside of their home. Help them out by providing them with a fresh, new option that comes straight from your heart!


6. A Decorative Storage Ottoman: Again, when it comes to putting things away in a home, there can never be enough options for a new homeowner. Even if there is an abundance of closet space, storage ottomans can make frequently-used items much more accessible while still providing a touch of style.


7. Upgraded Wall Outlets: Tech-savvy new homeowners may love an upgrade to their standard wall outlets. So, a thoughtful housewarming gift could be a wall outlet that would allow them to charge their smartphones or other devices while not taking up an electric outlet. There are also wall outlets with built-in nightlights that are sure to make new homeowners light up!


8. Tool Kits: Maintenance and renovation projects may not be the first thing on a new homeowner’s mind, but there are necessary tasks, like hanging blinds and changing light bulbs, that are vital during the move-in stages. Even a new homeowner that already has a standard tool set may love a Swiss Army Knife or another personalized choice that may be your go-to tool.


9. A Home Owner’s Manual: New and even some veteran homeowners are bound to have questions about drywall cracks, nail pops, roof leaks, drafty windows, air systems… you get the picture. While you may not have all the answers, you can help a new homeowner find the right fix by giving them a go-to book that does. There are several different home ownership manuals out there that are sure to help any new homeowner.


10. A Meal, Coffee or Wine: These may seem like obvious or overdone housewarming gift options, but no new homeowner is going to turn down a free meal, an invigorating cup of coffee or a relaxing glass of wine with a friend. Buying a home and moving in can be tough, so comfort foods and beverages are always welcome gifts!

As the holiday shopping season quickly approaches, now is the perfect time to shower new homeowners with great housewarming gifts. But, don’t forget, for an overwhelmed homeowner who is still unpacking, the greatest gift may just be your time and help in getting them settled!