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10 Great Apps to Help Homeowners

10 Great Apps to Help Homeowners

Haven’t caught on to the app craze just yet? If you own a home, we’re about to give you 10 good reasons that you should just give in and start downloading! For everything from home décor to home maintenance and more, there is an app that can make your life as a homeowner a little easier.

Here are 10 of the best apps for homeowners, sorted into five easy-to-use categories:

1. Home Decorating

Photo Measures: Whether you’re just trying to shop for new furniture or you’re building a new house, Photo Measures is the perfect way to take down dimensions. All you’ve got to do is snap a photo and draw measurements right on!

Houzz Interior Design Ideas: This app can do just about anything a homeowner needs. Looking for a design idea? Want to buy a particular piece of furniture for your home? Interested in what others have to say about a product? Houzz has you covered and more! This app can even help you visualize how a certain piece of furniture or art might fit into your home. For homeowners, it doesn’t get any easier!  

2. Home Organization

Snupps: Do you ever feel like you don’t have enough storage space at home? Let Snupps help! This app can give you virtual shelves where you can categorize your belongings. You can even ask for organization help from other users!

OfferUp: Maybe you’ve done a good job of decluttering your home. But, what do you do with everything you’d like to get rid of? Try OfferUp! This app allows you to list items for sale in just 30 seconds.

3. Home Maintenance

ColorSnap Visualizer: Painting projects are huge for homeowners. Finding the perfect color is always tough. If you see a color you like somewhere, this app allows you to snap a photo and match it to a color available in stores.

iHandy  Carpenter: How many times have you been trying to hang a photo at home, but haven’t been able to find the tools you need to do it? This app can be a level, ruler, protractor or more! Even if you don’t have a tool collection, this app practically starts one for you!

4. Home Finances

Mint: This wildly popular money app just seems to do it all. You can track your spending, create a budget, access monthly bills and do so much more! If you’re reluctant to start downloading apps, let this be the first one on your list. It’s a financial lifesaver for any homeowner!

You Need a Budget: If you’re in over your head with bills, this app is ready to help. In fact, it can help you learn to stop living pay check to pay check and be prepared for any little financial punch life throws your way.

5. Home Cleaning

BrightNest: What homeowner doesn’t need a little help keeping their home clean? With BrightNest, you can create a convenient cleaning schedule. If you don’t even know where to start when it comes to cleaning your home, BrightNest can give you the instructions you need!

Tody: This app allows home cleaning to become a little more fun. It actually creates a game that allows all family members with smartphones to participate. Family members can check in and even receive prizes when they complete assigned tasks – you know, the ones you used to call “chores.”

In nearly everything we do, there is an app that has been designed to help us. So, homeowners, simplify your daily schedule and embrace the technology that can make your life easier. Download and start using these 10 great apps today!