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10 Easy Steps to Saving Money Every Day!

10 Easy Steps to Saving Money Every Day!

Since Father’s Day is coming up this weekend, we can’t help but hearken that age-old spending advice that many dear old dads have been giving for years; you know, the “spend less, save more” talk. This Father’s Day, don’t be afraid to show your dad that you were listening while you were growing up; instead of spending more on buying him an expensive tie that he likely will never wear, invite him over for dinner and impress him by saving more, instituting a few simple everyday changes around your home.

To get you started, we’ve compiled 10 great ways to start saving money every day:

Look Your Debt in the Face: When it comes to debt, the unknown is never a good thing. Write down exactly how much debt you have and when you make contributions toward paying it off, write that down, too! Thought it may be daunting at first to know how much you owe, seeing that amount diminish will be doubly rewarding. When it comes to paying off debt, seeing is believing!

Negotiate Credit Card Rates: Of course, it would be easier to save money if you didn’t have to spend so much paying credit card bills. Though there is no easy way to simply erase your debt, you can significantly cut it by negotiating a lower interest rate with your credit card company. If you’re unable to obtain a lower rate with your negotiating skills, consider transferring your balance to a credit card that offers an introductory 0% APR for balance transfers. This will buy you time to pay off your bills with little to no interest.

Sign Up for Customer Rewards Programs: When you’re in the check-out aisle and the retail cashier asks if you’d like to sign up for their FREE rewards program, don’t give your standard “Not today” response. Take the couple minutes to get registered for the (again) FREE savings. Then, when you’re ready to make purchases, you’ll be privy to rewards or other discounts that you otherwise may not have been aware of.

Use Coupons Every Way You Can: Clipping coupons the old-fashioned way may be time-consuming and taxing; but, not taking advantage of today’s coupons is just plain lazy. In addition to customer rewards programs, big-time retailers send their coupons via email or easily-downloaded apps. With just a few simple clicks of your smartphone, you can be on your way to saving today.

Institute a Waiting Period Before You Buy: If you’re an impulsive shopper, this tip may be the hardest, but most effective, savings tool of all for you. Instead of just spending every time a new purchase need pops into your head, make yourself wait! No, we’re not talking a few hours or day; give yourself a whole month to think about whether or not this new purchase is necessary. After a month’s time (and after you’ve seen a difference in your bank account), you can clearly decide what is most important.

Cancel Gym/Club Memberships You Don’t Use: Got a bad habit of joining in on the latest fitness crazes? Even if you have great intentions of getting to the gym, but know that you simply aren’t going to get there on a regular basis, canceling those costly monthly memberships is a great way to save extra money. If you think your fitness will go to “waist,” (sorry, couldn’t resist) take comfort in knowing that there are many at-home fitness programs that are just as effective as hitting the gym.

Drink Water: Here’s a money-saving tip that will contribute to your fitness, too! Drinking more water has obvious health benefits, but it also cuts down on food and entertainment bills when you’re out to eat or at the grocery store.

Turn off the TV! The amount of TV you watch may seem insignificant when it comes to ways you can save some money; but, think about it in a multi-faceted way. The less TV you watch, the less inclined you’ll be purchase the latest and “greatest” gimmicks on the market; your electric bill will automatically lower; and, if you get the hang of this less-TV-watching trick, you may even be able to downgrade your cable subscription! Hmm… sounds like three-way savings!

Become a DIY-er: As a homeowner, there are many opportunities to repair things that may malfunction… a leaky faucet, a drafty window or other common at-home issue. Instead of paying a professional to take care of easily-accomplished tasks, you can save money by enlisting the help of an online tutorial to walk you through the process. Not only will you shell out less green, you’ll also feel the personal pride that comes along with handling the housework on your own!

Understand that You Might Fail: Our list of everyday money-saving tips could continue; but, we firmly believe that too much information at once could overload you into missing the point. Yes, we’ve outlined a few simple life changes that could positively impact your bank account; but, if the savings don’t start adding up overnight, don’t give up. Good financial habits are bound to pay off!

Small savings tools add up and eventually can help you reach even your largest financial goals… whether they involve a new home, a vacation or even just impressing dear old Dad!  

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