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10 Tips to Stay Safe This Summer

10 Tips to Stay Safe This Summer


Summer is almost here, which means it’s time for sun, fun, and safety, of course! If you and your family are looking forward to a little front porch sitting and many backyard barbeques, you’ll want to be sure to keep everyone safe and healthy during the next few months!


You don’t have to stay inside to keep your family free from harm this summer. You just need to practice a little sensible safety when you’re outside! Here are 10 backyard safety tips to help you ensure you and your family have an injury-free summer:


1.  Establish boundaries: Whether you have a fenced-in yard, are willing to supervise outside with young kids or you can give explicit instructions on staying close by, you need to have some control over where your little ones can roam when playing with friends on hot summer days.


2. Protect from pesticides: Summer is the season when you may pour some extra love on your lawn or gardens. If your lawn care methods could cause harm, proceed with caution! Make sure to store any chemicals in secure locations, out of reach from children and pets.  Make sure to read the directions carefully, most pesticides have a recommended amount of time to wait before allowing pets and children around the areas that were sprayed. 


3. Practice mower safety: Do you find yourself constantly telling your children to pick up their toys? This is a must when it comes to mowing during summer months too. Objects like toys, rocks and other small items can cause injuries or wreak havoc on your lawn equipment!  These toys can also ricochet and hit you of you are not careful!


4. Store unused tools: If you’re not using any rakes, shovels, hammers or other garden tools, store them in a garage or basement space. At the very least, take them from plain view site and place them in a closet, so your little helpers don’t try to use them.


5. Stay by your grill: If you’re in charge of the weekend cookout, make sure you know your place is by the grill during dinner. Teach your children fire-safety rules, but never leave your grill unattended—even in the privacy of your own yard!


6. Check food temperatures: Backyard BBQs can go on for hours, which is great, right? But not when it comes to food. You don’t want harmful bacteria to join in on your BBQ. Prevent foodborne illnesses by properly refrigerating perishable foods and checking the temperature of any meats coming off the grill.


7. Prevent pool accidents: Who doesn’t love splashing around in the pool on a hot summer day? If you have a pool, you know that all that fun also means a lot of responsibility. Consider fencing in pools and ponds to protect your children or pets from entering without supervision.


8. Wear repellent: Summer fun can be swarming with bees, ticks and other insects. Protect yourself, your family and your pets from dangerous bites and illnesses that some bugs carry. Wear insect repellent and know what signs to look for when it comes to stings or bites.


9. Don’t forget sunscreen: It may sound like a simple tip, but one of the easiest ways to protect your family from harm during summer fun is by wearing sunscreen! Don’t get so caught up in playing outdoors that you forget to protect your skin from harmful rays.


10. Stay hydrated: Just as you never want to forget your sunscreen on a hot summer day, you also want to be sure to pack an ample supply of water wherever you go. Make a habit out of taking time for water breaks while you’re playing outside to ensure everyone stays healthy on hot days.


Spending plenty of time outside this summer will be enjoyable for you and your family! Just make sure you follow these ten safety steps and you will be sure to have a healthy and happy summer!