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10 Tips for Splashing into Hot Summer Savings

10 Tips for Splashing into Hot Summer Savings


With kids everywhere counting down the days until the end of another school year, moms and dads everywhere are trying to finalize summer plans. From daily care to vacations and other family activities, summer can be a fun – but expensive – time for everyone.

Don’t let your financial goals drift off in a summer breeze this sunny season. Instead, try one or all of these 10 tips for saving money over the summer!

1. Use Coupons: OK, so this may be a year-round tip, but it still applies during the summer months. You can find some seriously hot-hot-hot deals by using coupons – everywhere from amusement parks to the grocery store!

2. Get Gas Perks: Speaking of your weekly grocery shopping, make sure you’re taking advantage of all of the free gas that you’re earning. You can significantly lower steep summer gas prices by shopping at stores that pay you back at the pump!

3. Grow a Garden: Summer is the season of fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers. But, no one says that you have to buy all of that freshness from the store! Plant a small garden at home, so you can enjoy a summer of free lettuce, home-grown berries and fresh floral bouquets!

4. Fire Up the Grill: Instead of adding more heat to your home by cooking and baking inside, take advantage of summer sun and grill your dinners outside! Who can turn down that delicious hot-off-the-grill flavor, especially when you know that you’re saving energy inside?!

5. Unplug Unused Appliances: Over the summer, you’re probably not using your humidifier and your children may not need their alarm clocks, either! Take a walk through your home to see if you can save more energy by unplugging appliances you’re not regularly using.

6. Regulate Your A/C: If you haven’t already done so, summer may be the perfect season to invest in a programmable thermostat. There is no need to crank the A/C when you’re sleeping or at work. Shutting it down when you’re not using it will save on your cooling costs during summer months.

7. Let in Natural Light: Summer days are longer, which means that you have more hours to take advantage of that natural light! Leave your lights off and let in some sunlight. This is another great way cut down on electric costs during summer months.

8. Opt for Staying In: It may be hard to resist the urge to go see the latest summer flicks, but you’ll save money (and have just as much fun) by creating your own movie nights at home. Check out Netflix or Redbox, pop fresh popcorn and have a family fun night at home!

9. Or, Camp Out: If you want to get away, but don’t want to spend too much to do it, set up camp in your own back yard! Warm summer nights are perfect for sleeping under the stars. Plus, who can resist campfire s’mores?

10. Hold a Yard Sale: This final summer tip will not only save you money, it will make you some! In the process of preparing for a family yard sale, you’ll also declutter your home. Talk about a major win-win!

Be savvy this summer and you will be able to save! You’ll have fun and you’ll be thrilled when you make it to autumn without falling off of your financial wagon!

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