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10 Home Projects to Complete in Winter

10 Home Projects to Complete in Winter

During winter, it is easy for cabin fever to set in. Cold temperatures tend to keep us all indoors, which can leave us craving spring’s sweet sunshine and fresh air. Instead of settling for a dreary indoor experience for the rest of the winter, keep yourself busy by tackling a few tasks in your home. You’ll create a comfortable space to spend your time until spring arrives.
From somewhat complex home endeavors to simple tasks, here are 10 projects you can complete this winter:
1. Clean out your basement. Is your basement the place where old toys, clothes, books and more go to rest for what might seem like an eternity? If you’ve been hanging on to too many old items for too long and your basement is looking more like a mess than a worthy extra storage space, now is the perfect time to take on this possibly massive organization project. Sort through your boxes and bins, decide what to keep, and sell or donate the rest.
2. Paint something. Adding some color to your home is a great way to banish the cold weather blues. Decide on a fresh color and transform a room or rooms in your home with a new coat of paint this winter.  
3. Find and seal leaks. Feeling winter’s chill inside your home this season? Do something about it! Scour your windows and doors to find the source of cold air entering your home. Add caulking around any leaks you come across. You’ll not only add comfort, but you could lower your energy costs too.
4. Add insulation. Another great way to increase comfort and use less energy to keep your home warm this winter is to add insulation. You can add more insulation around your pipes or throughout your attic to make your home more efficient.
5. Convert to LEDs. By now, it is widely known that upgraded lighting can help you save energy and money at home. When you switch your current bulbs to more efficient LED bulbs, you might pay a little more up front, but the new bulbs will last longer and use less energy, which equates to long-term savings!
6. Regrout tile. Is your bathroom floor looking a bit dingy? Winter is a great time to add fresh grout. While this might not be the most glamorous home project, new grout can transform the look of tile flooring. If you’re going to tackle this task, be sure to scrape up all old grout before adding new.
7. Upgrade your laundry room. Does your laundry room lack any sort of luster? A drab-looking laundry room can make the already-mundane task of doing laundry even more dreary. Some new shelves, a coat of paint or wallpaper and a little organization can brighten your laundry room more than your favorite detergent brightens your whites! Try this task and you might feel a bit refreshed when you enter your laundry room.
8. Change cabinet hardware. You can easily transform the look of bathroom and kitchen cabinets by swapping out current hardware or adding hardware if you never have. This simple project is a great way to enhance your home décor in no time at all.
9. Replace your furnace filter. This might be more of a home maintenance task than a home project, but it is an important job—particularly in winter, when you’re using your heating system the most. Replace your furnace filter now, then stick to a quarterly schedule to make sure you keep up with regular maintenance.
10. Wash your windows. Finally, if you’re finding yourself staring longingly out your windows in hopes that you can will spring’s arrival, at least make sure those windows are clean. Take advantage of being indoors this winter and wipe down streaky windows. Doing so might make winter weather seem a bit brighter until spring arrives!