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Neil Jonker


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"Realty with an ACCENT on service"

Did you ever wonder what or where home is? I myself surely did. I grew up on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, some 4,000 miles away from Greensburg. Indeed, I’m not originally from America. I was born in the Netherlands, and I lived in Spain, Belgium, and Germany before finally arriving here in western PA to get married. Although the frequent moves during my childhood – these things happen when your father is a professional soccer coach – provided me with a significant fondness of traveling, they also prevented me from truly settling anywhere for a long time. Hence I became aware of how important it is to always have a place to return to and that welcomes you back after you have been away, no matter to where or for how long. I have been in the Greensburg area for almost 3 years now and I absolutely love it here. And how can I not? A huge number of people have literally welcomed me to the United States, thus making me realize something that has changed my life forever: I have finally come home. The way I grew up is directly linked to my choice for Real Estate as my career. Whereas I am fortunate enough to have found a place to call home at last, I’m very well aware that many others are still looking. To me, making a career out of helping people to pursue the same happiness I’m experiencing, either by finding them a new home or sell their current residence in such a way that it provides them with the means to buy the place where they would love to live, not only sounds like a wonderful way to make a living, but a most honorable one as well. If you are looking for someone who is honest, will never pressure but work hard for you, and is fully aware of what it means to either sell or buy a home, please do not hesitate to contact me.


My Certifications

  • Preferred Masters Accreditation
Mt. Pleasant Township

137 Lucas Way
Mt. Pleasant Township, PA, 15666

  • Sold Price $90,000
  • Sold Date 10/07/2016
Hempfield Township no photo

1706 Business Route 66
Hempfield Township, PA, 15601

  • Sold Price $265,000
  • Sold Date 09/16/2016
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