Travis Crocker

Travis Crocker


South Suburban Regional Office

O: 412-854-7200
C: 412-736-8413

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A Fresh Take on Real Estate that works for YOU!

You may be looking around for an agent to assist in buying a home that you've dreamed about for years, or maybe you have a home that you are hoping to sell so someone can enjoy it as much as you have. If that's the case you've clicked the right link that landed you here! While I don't have decades of experience being a Real Estate Agent like some of my respected peers, I do have the skills of a very seasoned negotiator and the know how of a financial planner that can help you map out the process of purchasing or selling a home. I come from a long background in banking as I had followed in my fathers footsteps as a financial consultant at a very large and local bank. However, the longer I spent at that institution the more I realized that I wasn't out in the field helping people face to face as much as I wanted, I would even say NEEDED to and that is what attracted me to becoming a Realtor. Growing up in this digital age is a benefit to both myself and my clients, that's you! I have the tech knowledge that will keep us ahead of the curve along with the courtesy of answering phone calls and asking how I can make this time in your life an exciting and joyful one. Call me so we can get started on your next chapter today! Travis Crocker 412.736.8413

  • I am a full time Realtor.
  • I answer the phone 24/7 for you!
  • Lifelong Pittsburgh Resident
  • Second to none people skills
  • I will travel the state to find the right fit for you.
  • Tech savvy


West Mifflin

809 Corbin
West Mifflin, PA, 15122

  • Sold Price $101,500
  • Sold Date 07/29/2016
Pleasant Hills no photo

232 Old Clairton Rd
Pleasant Hills, PA, 15236

  • Sold Price $125,000
  • Sold Date 04/06/2016

127 Van Wyck
Brentwood, PA, 15227

  • Sold Price $100,000
  • Sold Date 10/08/2015
Jefferson Boro no photo

1510 Cherrywood Dr.
Jefferson Boro, PA, 15332

  • Sold Price $248,000
  • Sold Date 09/30/2015
Baldwin Boro

150 Joseph St
Baldwin Boro, PA, 15227

  • Sold Price $104,000
  • Sold Date 09/03/2015
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